About KT6 Vocal Group

We are a 22-strong a cappella group led by musical director Matt Burdynowski, who also provides the arrangements for our repertoire. Find out more about Matt here: www.mattb-voice.co.uk.

KT6 has been in existence for just under two years, launching in October 2016. We regularly perform at festivals and events as well as hosting our own gigs at venues in south-west London. We’ve also spent time in the studio producing professional quality recordings of our material.

We're currently recruiting for new members across bass, tenor and baritone parts. If you like singing in a relaxed and fun environment, with a focus on teamwork, improvement and development, and have an ambition to perform, please get in touch!

A little history...

KT6 was set up just over two years ago by 4 friends, Helen, Liz, Jenny and Gemma. They had been singing together for around 4 years in various groups and decided they wanted to create something in their own vision. There were some things that were really important to them: 

  • Creating a strong team ethic, with a good dose of fun and laughter mixed in
  • Bringing together great singers who wanted to challenge themselves to learn and improve 
  • Ensuring that every voice would count (hence no more than 25 people)
  • Singing cool, stylish, diverse contemporary music
  • Performing regularly, with a view to hopefully putting on their own gigs 
  • Finding a musical director who would help them to deliver this vision 

Helen, one of the four, came across Matt at an audition for his other group, The Few. From chatting with Matt’s husband Pedro she discovered he might be interested in running another group. When Helen, Liz and Jenny subsequently interviewed Matt over a few glasses of wine at a bar in Kingston, they knew immediately he was the perfect fit. 

So with a musical director signed up, they had to find enough members to get it off the ground. 15 was their minimum requirement. On her holiday in Italy, Jenny set up the group’s email address. Sitting outside a restaurant in Lucca’s main piazza, she decided to give the group the working title, KT6. Her inspiration was East 17, named after the postcode the band grew up in. In this case, it was the postcode of the location where they’d secured their rehearsal space, Surbiton.

Months later, when it came to formalising the name via a vote, it turned out that KT6 had stuck. 

Since then we've grown to 23 members, with a dedicated committee of six, built a repertoire of 16 pieces, and you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, YouTube, soundcloud... we've performed 13 times, indoors, outdoors, in the freezing cold, in a heatwave, in Christmas jumpers, in Halloween fancy dress and even at a wedding.

Not bad for a lawyer, accountant, bookkeeper and marketing professional. 

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